March 8, 2021

Returning to golf after COVID-19 – Get yourself prepared for tee-off on the 29th

As a golfer, you have no doubt found lockdown harder than most. Few people understand the importance of calming, solitary sporting enjoyment quite like a golfer. Whether you like to go for a mind-freeing round on your own or you compete with friends, family, or other golfers, you no doubt have missed the course. With golf returning on the 29th of March, now is the time to get ready for your big tee-off.

So, what, should you be looking to do if you wish to return to golf in good spirits? And how can you make sure that you can arrive at your golf course ready to start playing to the peak of your potential once again

Here are some useful tips that ensure you can arrive back at your local course ready.

1. Start limbering up

To begin with, you want to get back that natural flexibility and flow that you have in your game. Start off by taking some time to limber up, to get into proper shape, and to get those muscles flowing once again. You might even wish to get out in the garden and practice your swing – even without a ball on the floor, you can get used to your chosen swinging position once again.

2. Find a suitable venue

You should definitely look to find a golf course that you have not tried out. So long as it fits into where you are allowed to travel and you can get membership/access, trying out a different golf club can be a great way for you to really enjoy the return to sport.

A new venue can also be fun for giving you a bit of entertainment in terms of trying out a new course that you have not taken on beforehand.

3. Consider another alternative

Remember, too, that golf comes in many forms. You could come and play some classic Crazy Golf, a touch of Adventure Golf, or even just a trip to a local driving range. It just allows you to get a bit more golf in, to have a bit more fun, and to vary it all up a little.

We’ve all been stuck indoors for a long, long time. Why not enjoy a touch of entertainment by trying out forms of golf that otherwise you might never have given much attention and time to in the past?

4. Watch some classics back

A great way to get your appetite for the game is to go and watch some classic games – pick a favourite tournament and watch it back. Nothing inspires you more than seeing a quality player go through their little pre-shot routine. It will also remind you of your own routine – something that every good golfer has.

5. Remember to have fun

Lastly, remember to have some fun – you’ve been away from the sport for some time, so take the time to enjoy the experience once again.

There is no reason to turn up in a mood that is overly competitive or zealous. Try and turn up with the frame of mind that you have missed lots of golf so you will be naturally quite rusty. Spend some time getting your old swing back and getting to grips with the game again.

Your first few returns aren’t going to be your best – it’s better, though, to simply enjoy being able to play again as opposed to putting too much pressure on yourself.

2020 has been a challenging year, and 2021 looks to be equally as challenging so far. Things are changing for the better, though, and the return of golf on the 29th of March is going to be just the antidote to our pent-up boredom. Use the above tips, and you should be set to turn up to a golf course and remind yourself what all the waiting was for.

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