August 19, 2020

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Welcome to Golf Finders! The new website that brings you all the different ways to play golf in the UK and Ireland.  Look at us as your one-stop directory for every game of golf.

In our first blog we look at the different ways you can play golf. Giving you a background to each game.


Golf, as we all know is a sport where each player hits a golf ball with a different club from a series of starting points (teeing grounds) into a series of holes on a course. The player who successfully holes the ball in the least number of strokes wins.

The beginnings of the game are hard to trace, however it is thought that early types of golf were played in the Netherlands first and afterwards in Scotland.

From relative obscurity, the game has accomplished overall notoriety. There is no consensus about the early game’s preferred venues on the European continent, yet in Scotland golf was first played on the seaside. As the game evolved, it was preferred to play on downs, moorland and parkland courses. Golfers participate at each level, from a recreational game to well known broadcasted competitions.


Footgolf is a hybrid between football and golf, yet footgolf is neither thoroughly like football or golf. The game includes kicking a football into a hole in fewest kicks possible.

Footgolf uses a similar model as golf, with a fairway, tees, obstacles, bunkers and 9 or 18 holes of play. Each opening is the same, similar to the golf scorecard, where one can pair up and play, as a trio or a gathering of four. The main difference between footgolf and golf are the size of the holes, generally shorter fairways and the absence of golf gear. All that is needed is a customary size 5 football and the course you are playing on will give this, in any case, you can take your own if you have one.

Rugby Golf

Rugbygolf started in France in mid-2016 and advanced over to the UK later in the year, bringing about the formation of the UK Rugbygolf Association. The point of the game in this hybrid sport is to discover the ‘goal’, which includes a flagstick in the center, in the least number of kicks – or throws– possible utilising a rugby ball.

While still very much in its early stages in the UK, Rugbygolf has pulled in a reasonable amount of enthusiasm as Footgolf has and leader of the UK Rugbygolf Association, Jon Osborne, says the game has massive potential. Back in the UK, Casterton Golf Course in Cumbria is one numerous course that has presented Rugbygolf – it did as such as of late July 2017 – and golf course manager Ruth Kendal believes it’s pulled in a new audience to the facility.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf began in the USA in the latter half of the 1960s and has spread all over the world. It is the same as regular golf, the principle contrast being it is played by tossing a flying disc into a metal target as opposed to hitting a ball into a hole. The point is to send the ‘golf disc’ from tee to the bin in the least tosses.

Usually, a round of 18 holes takes roughly 2 hours to play, depending upon the length and landscape and technical difficulty. The regulations and basic skills are easy to get a handle on, permitting amateurs to promptly have a great time testing themselves with friends. Disc golf offers a distinct way of experiencing the countryside and bonding with nature. It’s fun, modest, and ecofriendly.

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf, is also known as minigolf, mini-putt, midget golf, miniature golf, or putt-putt, concentrates on the putting part of the original game of golf. The aim in crazy golf is to score the least number of points. It is played on courses comprising of a progression of holes (usually 9) like regular golf, however distinctive by its short length (normally within 10 yards from tee to cup).

The game uses artificial putting surfaces, (for example, carpet, fake turf, or cement), a geometric design regularly requiring non-traditional putting lines, for example, bank shots, and artificial obstructions, for example, burrows, tubes, slopes, moving snags, for example, windmills, and dividers of solid, metal, or fiberglass. While crazy golf holds a considerable lot of these attributes however without the use of any of these artificial props, it is just regular golf.

Adventure Golf

Most people use the term Mini-Golf, Adventure Golf and Crazy golf interchangeable but there is a slight difference.

Adventure Golf isn’t just about the miniature golf; it is about the whole experience. One of the key differences in the way the holes are placed. Instead of placing man-made obstacles on the course, the holes themselves are used to create dips, dives, whirls, and potential pitfalls. The course is decorated in a theme such as a pirate adventure, the Jurassic age or a far away galaxy.

Pitch and Putt

Pitch and Putt is a type of golf played on a pitch and putt course is a short fairway, frequently near a town community, where players pay and play, leasing a ball and a couple of clubs.

Pitch and Putt is a competitive game taking its origins from golf. Globally, the maximum length of an opening is 90 meters with a  course length of 1200 meters at max. Players may use three clubs; one of which must be a putter. The game is frequently played from raised fake teeing surfaces utilising a tee and it has its handicap framework, different from golf.

Driving Ranges

A driving range is a zone where golfers can train their golf swing. It can likewise be a recreational activity itself for amateur golf players or when the time for an actual game of golf is unavailable. Many golf courses have a driving range connected and they are likewise found as independent facilities, particularly in urban regions. Distances are typically set apart by target greens at normal intervals. Driving ranges may have natural grass, like in a golf course, or players may need to use artificial mats that mirror genuine turf.

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