February 8, 2024

Tyrell Hatton steps in to spare LIV Golf teammate blushes in Las Vegas | Golf | Sport

Tyrell Hatton is a key component in Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf team in more ways than one after coming to the rescue when teammate Caleb Surratt was stopped from checking into a Las Vegas hotel. The 2023 Ryder Cup star smoothed things over so the young golfer could check-in as they get ready for their next tournament.

Caleb Surratt, a 19-year-old talent from America, left his second year at the University of Tennessee to join LIV Golf professionally. His move has been successful so far, after his debut with the new Legion XIII team resulted in a maiden victory at Mayakoba.

The team, made up of captain Rahm, Hatton, Surratt, and Kieran Vincent, had a strong first event together, beating Bryson DeChambeau’s Crushers. But after this high point in Mexico, young Surratt faced an unforseen challenge as they arrived in Nevada. 

When the team touched down Las Vegas for their next tournament, Surratt was left in a tight spot as he was nearly turned away from a hotel that had been booked for the quartet. In an interview with LIV Golf reporter Mike McAllister, Hatton said: “Checking in yesterday, I kind of kept looking over to Caleb, and he was looking over at me quite nervous.

“So once I finished checking in, I sort of wandered over to make sure that he was OK, and as I got there, the lady checking him in said that he needed someone over 21 to be on the reservation to allow him to stay in the room. I had to hand over my driver’s license to make sure he had a bed for the night.”

This story is just one example of the strong bond forming between the four golfers of Legion XIII. In fact, the young age of Surratt has become a running joke within the group since their first meeting, with this not the first example of his tender years becoming the subject of a humorous exchange.

Team captain Rahm shared: “We’ve had some funny discussions with ages related with Caleb and what he thought we were. One of the first things he told me was, ‘Man, I didn’t know you were only 29.’ I think with the tone of how he said it, he thought I was close to 40 than 30!”

Surratt admitted that he worried he might have upset his new team captain with his comment. He confessed: “It was actually a compliment, but he didn’t see it that way.”

After their recent victory at Mayakoba, however, the Legion XIII team has seemed more united than ever. Now skipper Rahm is optimistic about more wins in the future stating: “I wouldn’t say we’re ahead of schedule. The goal is to win. That’s the whole point of being here.”

In agreement, Surratt added: “We sat in this room four days ago and Jon was explaining our team logo and what our big purpose was, and that’s just fighting. I can honestly say without that fight and without countless other fights from all four of us throughout these past three days, we wouldn’t be standing here.”

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