March 26, 2024

Tiger Woods dubbed ‘zombie’ for way he discarded girlfriends and ‘has no social skills’ | Golf | Sport

Golf agent Hughes Norton has compared former client Tiger Woods to a ‘zombie’ because of the way he’s able to turn his back on girlfriends and ‘every’ relationship in his life. The pair worked together for 10 years before the 15-time champion brutally sacked him and committed his future to a different agency.

Norton met Woods when he was just 13 and honing his craft, though the talent was clear to see for the super-agent. The pair soon began working together and enjoyed their first taste of immense success when Woods won the Masters in 1997, aged 21.

He went on to write his name into golf’s history books under Norton’s management, with the latter working tirelessly behind the scenes to orchestrate multi-million-pound deals for his top client.

However, their relationship ended on a very sour note. Just a few years after Norton had negotiated incredibly lucrative deals with Nike and Titleist, Woods decided that he would cut ties with the IMG agent and sign on with a new agency.

Norton has now spoken out on how his relationship with Woods ended and shared that he continues to be astounded by how his ex-client is willing to cut individuals off without any hesitation. He told the Daily Mail: “It was betrayal with a capital B,’ Norton admits as he discusses being fired by Woods. ‘On a professional level, because I thought I’d done my job in spades. And on a personal level, because it was such a rejection of a relationship that we had built together for 10 years.

“The solace I can take, which doesn’t provide much, is this: He was an equal opportunity zombie with relationships, his swing coaches, his lawyer, the guy negotiated the IMG representation deal, with caddies,’ he says. ‘When it’s over, it’s over.’ It is the way he terminates relationships with everyone. Whether it’s girlfriends, whether it’s his former golf coaches. It’s ironic, really.


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