March 19, 2024

Tiger Woods and LIV Golf chief hold meeting to discuss PGA Tour merger | Golf | Sport

“I have spent time with Yasir. The people that have represented him in LIV I think have done him a disservice, (LIV boss Greg) Norman and those guys. fundamentally he wants to do the right thing.

“Look, they’re a sovereign wealth fund. They want to park money for decades and not worry about it. They want to invest in smart and secure businesses, and the PGA TOUR is definitely one of those, especially if they’re looking to invest in sport in some way.”

McIlroy then declared that it made sense for Woods to be involved as a PGA Tour board member, and also as an instrumental figure in the sport. “He’s a player director. He’s on the board, so absolutely he needs to be involved,” McIlroy added.


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