March 17, 2024

Matt Fitzpatrick forgot he left attachment on driver which made him worse for a year | Golf | Sport

Golfer Matt Fitzpatrick made an embarrassing error when he forgot that he had been playing with an added weight in the grip of his driver for almost a year. And his gaffe came with consequences, as the 2022 US Open champion noticed certain aspects of his tee shots going awry.

He started using added weight in his driver while doing tests back in February last year, and it slipped his mind to remove it. His game was affected as he found problems hitting the ball off the tee onto the fairway – mainly missing left.

The 29-year-old only realised his blunder when his driver got re-gripped last month. Since removing the weight, his driving has greatly improved and he’s noticed a significant difference right away.

Fitzpatrick confessed: “There was a weight in the grip, which we did some testing with in February last year, and never took it out. For whatever reason, I just forgot that it was ever in there.

“As soon as it came out and I hit it the next day, it felt night and day. I could hit it as hard as I want, and it wouldn’t go left. Previously, I felt like I hit it hard, and it would just go straight left.”

Despite facing challenges, Fitzpatrick still came out on top at both the RBC Heritage and Dunhill Links Championship events. He shared: “My driving kind of got worse from pretty much after Harbour Town, and we were going back and forth.

“We were just very confused swing-wise, did all sorts. Turns out, take the weight out of the top of the driver, and I think since Phoenix is when I’ve taken it out, I’ve driven it a lot better. Maybe I’d have won four times if I had it out.”

The last year saw Fitzpatrick struggling with his driving game quite evidently. As a result of the extra weight, he went from 10th in strokes gained off the tee to 92nd on the PGA Tour.

However, Fitzpatrick was back in full swing at TPC Sawgrass and his opening round had him missing just three fairways, posting an impressive 66 score.

“I drove it like I feel like I can drive it,” he said. “To me, it felt a bit like my old self: drove the ball well, putted well, and that’s always been the key to when I’ve played well, really.”


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