March 27, 2024

LIV Golf stars ‘deserve to play for a lot of money’ as PGA Tour pro scolds Jay Monahan | Golf | Sport

PGA Tour veteran Chris DiMarco believes those who defected to LIV Golf deserve the huge amounts of money they are being paid. Many PGA Tour stars, including Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm, were given lucrative offers to join LIV and have since been playing for large sums of money while playing less golf.

Despite vast criticism for defecting from the long-standing PGA Tour, DiMarco supports the move and says he would have accepted the offer if it had been made to him.

“They wanted to play for a lot of money, and they deserve it. They have had some great careers, why not go and get some money?”, DiMarco, a three-time PGA Tour winner, told the Subpar Podcast.

DiMarco also shared a conversation he had with Graeme McDowell on his decision to make the move. He said: “I saw Graeme McDowell at the Old Memorial Pro Member, and he goes, ‘Listen, I went up to Jay Monahan and said I love the tour but I am struggling to keep my card and these guys are offering me all this money and less golf. I’m sorry, I’m going.’ And I do not blame him one bit, and I said I would have too.”

DiMarco, who currently plays on the Champions Tour, has become the latest to call out PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan’s handling of the saga with LIV Golf. At first, Monahan took a hard line against the Saudi set-up, banning any player that chose to defect.

However, his stance majorly changed last June, as he announced that he was working with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) – LIV’s backers – over a merger with the PGA Tour. Talks are still ongoing with PIF, however, it’s thought that as part of an agreement, those who quit will be offered a way back to the PGA Tour.

The commissioner’s new position has caused frustration among a number of players, including DiMarco. He stated: “Not to bash Jay Monahan, but I think he handled it terribly. In the beginning have the cut and dry [stance] that he did, I think it was a little too much.

“I think he should have let some of this soak in and see what was going to happen, and he just got to a point where it got black and white, that’s it. I think he could have done a little bit better of a job with that, the guys had stuck by.

“Like Rory McIlroy, these guys have turned down a lot of money and what do they have to show for it? These guys get to come back and play, I’d be pretty ticked off if I was them.”


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