February 28, 2022

How To Get Others To Share Your Passion Of Golf

How To Get Others To Share Your Passion Of Golf

As a lover of golf, you are fully aware of how excellent the sport can be. It is a wonderfully enjoyable and competitive sporting experience. Something that gives you a chance to explore geography, spend time with loved ones, and still enjoy a high level of competitive spirit. Yet, getting those who are not bitten by the golf bug to love the sport with you can be a particular challenge. If you have tried (and failed) to turn someone into a golf lover with you, then you might wish to keep reading.

In this article, we are going to give you some great ideas for making sure you can share your passion and love of golf with the wider world. This can be tough to do if you are uncertain of how to approach the topic. So, let us help you build a clear idea of how to best broach the subject with someone and make them more likely to come along on your next trip.

Golf is a wonderful sport to be played alone, but it can become even better when it is shared with another person. How, though, can you make that so?

Sharing your passion of golf with others successfully

Remove the competitive edge

One of the first ways to try and improve your chances of getting someone to enjoy playing golf with you, or taking in the passion alongside you, is to remove the competitive edge. Though a friendly sport that does not often inspire much aggression, golf can become extremely competitive the closer you get to the final score.

If you want to give someone the thrill of enjoying golf, though, absolutely thrashing them is unlikely to make a good idea. You should look to try and help them to find their feet. Instead of focusing on playing alongside them and competing, spend some time going around the course with them.

Show them where they could be going wrong. For many people who cannot grasp golf, everything changes the minute they hit their first clean shot. The feel, the movement, the sound that it makes…. it’s addictive, even to someone who has never picked up a club before!

So, try and avoid turning your early games together into a competition. Essentially, act as their tutor and their caddie all at once. They will benefit from the extra attention, and the time spent together will be very much enjoyable.

Avoid forcing the issue

One of the easiest ways to put someone off playing golf with you, though, is to keep going on about the sport to them. Trying to talk to them about the last Major you watched or sitting down to regale them about the skills of your favourite golfer, is usually only fun for one of you. So, the best thing to do is wait for the individual to mention golf to you, even in passing.

This is much easier if you are trying to get a child to play golf with you. Children are naturally less self-absorbed and are thirsty for knowledge of the unknown. So long as you let them bring up the topic, you can then slowly but surely drop in interesting facts, tidbits, and tips.

With just about anyone, this is sure to create an interest within them to find out a bit more about your information and insight. These little tips can be just what you need to draw them into the sport. Indeed, you should look to try and find a few fascinating stats and facts that you could drop into conversation when golf next pops up in conversation.

Avoid busy golf days

Want someone to enjoy playing golf and taking part in the whole experience? Avoid busy days at the course. That might seem obvious, but many golf lovers think taking a non-player to a packed golf course or range is going to do them the world of good. Indeed, the opposite is actually true for the most part; if you take someone who lacks skill and/or confidence, having them play in front of a busy house is an awful idea.

You should instead look to try and give them the confidence they need by playing on emptier, quieter courses. While you are less likely to have the same thrill and fun on your own, if the aim is to get someone else to start having fun then your own entertainment (right now) is secondary. So, try and make sure that you avoid coming along to the course when there are events on.

Arriving later at night or simply coming when the golf season is over can give you a good chance to enjoy some free time to play, relax, and have fun. There are few things more pressurising in golf than hold up the next in line, so avoid busy days and they are much more likely to have fun.

Pass on something special

Many golf lovers are going to be collectors of golfing memorabilia. Well, a good way to get someone else interested is to gift them one of your more famous pieces. Perhaps you have picked up a ball from a famous course, or you were gifted a ball by a professional. You might even have picked up a piece of clothing or even a golf club itself that a top player has used.

Whatever the item that you have is, pass it on to the person you want to get excited about golf. Once you are the owner of an item with a previously famous owner or a famous history, it encourages them to go reading into the topic. This inspires a natural curiosity in the person; for the first time, they might come to you with an interesting fact they have learned about the previous owner or user.

It is these little steps that can have an impact on the ability to get someone else to enjoy your passion of golf. By helping them to see what golf history might look like, you can create an interest that might not have existed beforehand.

Try some interesting golf games

Sometimes, simply playing the course is not going to be enough to get someone passionate about the sport. Instead, what we recommend you do is try to look up some good little ideas for popular ‘games within games’ that you could try out together on the course.

This is sure to give the person a bit more a gamified approach, and should go some way to helping them understand the fun that can be had in golf. Sometimes, keeping the approach basic can leave them struggling to see what the real point of the sport is.

This helps you to avoid that issue, instead allowing for you to easily give them a bit more interaction with the sport itself. Stuck for ideas? That is fine; there are many great ideas out there that you might want to look to. For example, you might wish to check out the official PGA website as it has a range of games within the game itself that you can play together to help them get learning and confident.

A few of these mini-games can be enough to get them fully excited about playing golf.

Bring along another newbie

The last tip that we have in mind is if you are trying to get someone passionate about golf, bring along another person you can educate. Both of them can learn together, they can pass off questions between one another, and they can also share their burgeoning love of the sport as two people.

If you are the expert and someone is not really into golf, you might hit them with information overload. They might ask you about a famous player, and you wind up telling them the entire history of the player when they just wanted a simple answer. With someone playing alongside them is equally as lacking in knowledge, though, they can gradually but effectively learn about the sport together. This is going to have a wide range of benefits, not least the fact that both learners might end up with a solid friendship of their own to enjoy later on down the line.

It is for this reason that we highly recommend you look to try and bring along another person. Together, they can do a lot of learning together thus making your job of getting them into golf much easier.

Ready to convince someone to try golf out?

Now that you have some good ideas to try and use above, we hope that you are ready to try and push forward. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, so finding fellow golf lovers should not be so hard. However, if you know that you have someone in your life who would love golf if they could get by the learning curve, using the above tips might just help you to get them involved. Good luck!

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