January 26, 2022

Why You Should Try Footgolf

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Golf and football are like black and white. For starters, golf is an individual sport, and football is a team sport. They have different rules, and players need to have different physical skills in order to enjoy them. But if you are a fan of both golf and football, then you should definitely try footgolf. This interesting sport is a combination of elements of golf and football, but it is more closely related to golf. Players kick a football into a footgolf cup (an oversized hole), and the winner is the one who manages to do that in as few shots as possible.

So, instead of a golf ball you are using a regular football; your foot replaces the club; and you are following similar rules to golf rules.

It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Usually, footgolf is played on footgolf courses that have 18 holes, or on golf courses. Besides being an official sport since 2011, footgolf is an enjoyable activity for the whole family or groups of friends from all ages. If half of your friends prefer golf to football, and the other half are football lovers, then the solution to the “problem” is obvious – book a footgolf course and everyone will be happy. The sport is relaxing, fun, and it will bring more laughter into your lives.

Footgolf can be a friendly kick between a group of friends or family, but it is also a competitive sport. You can organise a competition and even add some new rules of your own. For instance, kicking with your left foot only, or back heeled putting. Kids can also find this sport interesting. A lot of clubs offer footgolf parties led by an instructor, or they organize mini-competitions which are perfect for motivating your kids. Footgolf is usually played in groups of four, and the game is usually not supervised by a referee.

Footgolf offers the same breath-taking view as golf – large fields with fresh green grass filled with numerous trees, hills, water, or bushes as obstacles that players need to avoid or cross in order to reach their goal. All of these obstacles make the game more challenging and lower the pace of the game thus enabling you to enjoy it longer. Unlike golf, this sport is cheaper, because you do not have to have expensive equipment or special attire. Just pick the clothes that make you feel comfortable and you are ready to go.

Footgolf is a perfect activity for all because all you need to do is know how to kick a ball. This is a sport that combines precision and power, and people seem to adore it since it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is good for exercising while breathing fresh air surrounded by your family or/and friends.

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