June 5, 2023

Releasing Energy on the Driving Range 

Low section of woman holding basket with balls at golf course

The best place to practice golf is the driving range. Unlike the golf course, at this area you do not have to wear specific clothes, or worry about certain rules. You can wear the shoes and clothes that you like, and for a very reasonable price you can easily learn to hit the golf ball like a pro. It is completely relaxing because you cannot feel the pressure of other golfers waiting for you – you can take as much time as you need. At the driving range, you stand at one place, hit as much balls as you want (a bucket of balls is very cheap), and improve your swing. It is a fun way to release energy when stressed. The more energy you release, the more focused you will be. 

The practice routine is not the same for different sports. For some sports it is very important how much time you spend practising, for others, golf including, it is important how you practice. The driving range offers you the possibility to practice all kinds of different shots, and that is very beneficial because repetitive practice, i.e. hitting the same shots over and over again is not always effective. Try everything – drives (long distance shots), chip shots (very short shots that do not require a full swing), punch shots (shots that keep the ball close to the ground), or flop shots (shots that take the ball over objects). 

The driving range is the best place to hit some balls, release some energyde-stress, and go up the next level while having some fun, but only if you are doing it right. You need to pay attention on several details in order to make your time spent on the driving range worthwhile: 

  • Learn the basics of the grip; 
  • Get to know the right distance from the ball; 
  • Do not aim poorly; 
  • Align your body and golf club to one target; 
  • Choose quality over quantity (do not hit the greatest bucket of balls – start with a smaller one and make each shot count). 

Another important aspect while letting off some steam at the driving range is to always take breaks between shots. Do not hit all the golf balls without pausing. You will definitely not get better instantly. It takes time to improve your swing. So, take a deep breath, take your time, choose your target, and then hit. Slowing down enables you to focus on each shot and make it valuable. 

After trying all different shots, focus on practising your weaknesses. Increase the amount of shots that you want to get better at, but do not forget the other ones. Your practice should be challenging and effective, but it needs to be fun as well. The key to a fun practice is diversity – change targets, hit a wide range of shots, and avoid repetitive practice. And most importantly, bring different people with you at the driving range. Family and friends make releasing energy on the driving range funnier and more enjoyable. 


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