Data Protection Policy

Data Protection

This page highlights how Golf Finders will manage the data you provide to us. In line with the EU Data Protection Regulation guidelines (the General Data Protection Regulation), Golf Finders will ensure that all data is processed lawfully and with full transparency. We will only store and process data for specific and legitimate purposes. The personal data we hold will be relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purpose for which we hold it. We will endeavour to keep all our data accurate and up to date.

The Data We Hold

Information held on our secure booking system is limited to the data you have provided us. For example, contact name, address and email address. The booking system holds all information relating to purchasing a golf round at a specific course. The course will also have access to this information.

Why do we hold information?

Information is held on our database to allow us to keep a record of all bookings purchased, which includes invoice number and your personal contact information.

Golf Finders work closely with courses on joint marketing activities and bookings, therefore joint customer information is held by Golf Finders and courses.

Golf Finders is committed to offering total transparency as to how information is stored and collected.

Cookies are used on our website for anonymised user statistics and marketing. Google Analytics is used to track users on the website –

How we keep our data secure

All our data is kept on a secure database.

Employees Procedures

All those who work on Golf Finders are aware of their responsibilities in relation to GDPR. Data will only be stored as outlined in this policy.

Subject Access Request

Any individual submitting a Subject Access Request will be provided with the personal data held on that person within one month of the request.

Request to remove personal data from database

All individuals have the option to opt-out of receiving information from Golf Finders at any time. When receiving email marketing communication, please use the opt-out or unsubscribe option. For information to be removed from our CRM database, please contact Golf Finders directly and inform them either verbally or in writing that you wish for your personal details to be removed from all databases. All information will be deleted within 1 – 2 days of the request and the individual will be written to informing them of this action.