About Us

Golf Finders is the new website from Footgolf Frenzy Ltd.

In 2015, we created one of the first Footgolf directories to comprehensively list ALL Footgolf courses in the UK and introduced a Footgolf specific booking system. We now work alongside many courses providing a booking system as well as fulfilling hundreds of Footgolf group booking requests each year.

Last year, despite the pandemic we had 400,000 page views and people searching for footgolf courses.

We have now transferred our learning from Footgolf Frenzy into Golf Finders.

By developing Golf Finders we want to ensure that we can grow the sport as a whole and encourage people to try out all the different golf-related activities that are on offer, to show that golf venues offer something for everyone – whatever age and whatever sporting ability.

It is important, more than ever, that we stay fit and healthy, and there is no better way than through a golf-related hobby. We want to highlight this to our users and make it easy for them to make a booking and get out on the course.

The team behind Golf Finders includes golf course operators and online marketing specialists who have the experience, knowledge and drive to make Golf Finders the new website to find all golf-related activity.

Etchinghill Footgolf Folkestone Kent